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    No problem. Björn Waldegård drove the 0 car on the Rally and it was fitted with 16mm camera's.
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    Thanks for sharing the video.
  6. Rallin B-ryhmä jutustelu

    Merry Christmas guys,
  7. Rallin B-ryhmä jutustelu

    I think Bettega was due to drive the #2 entry.
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    Great footage again. Its a shame they feel the need to re-edit it instead of presenting it in the order it was filmed in. I look forward to them uploading Tour de Corse 85 & 86 for the new footage. Sabys overheating gearbox at 15:50was great service footage.
  9. Rallin B-ryhmä jutustelu

    I asked Harri if the documentary was still coming yesterday and he said " Slowly, but yes"
  10. Rallin B-ryhmä jutustelu

    Regarding Toivonen and Estoril its mentioned in a Rally Annual from 1986 that I have.
  11. Rallin B-ryhmä jutustelu

    I thought the trailer looked ok. I think 50% of the film will be total fiction and the other half partly true. Its an Italian production so I can see them pushing how great Lancia and Fiorio were ad just as they were beaten they rise up again.
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    Hopefully we get the 1986 RAC too.
  13. Henri Toivosen onnettomuus korsikalla

    The rear mounting points for the five-point race harness.
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    Hers's part 2. Hopefully part 3 will be ready by Christmas or early 2024.