Sardinian MM-ralli 2024


Tampereen lenkki

Sardiniassa ajetaan nyt sitten lyhyt MM-ralli samassa muodossa kuin 2021 Jyskälä. Rallin keskuspaikka on taas tänä vuonna saaren länsipuolen Alghero.

The 21st Rally Italia Sardegna presents a compact route based on the new FIA guidelines from 2025, with only three days of racing. It starts on Friday, May, 31st, with the Olmedo shakedown (2.14 km) scheduled for Friday morning at 8:01, and then at 13:30, the start of the first leg consisting of 77.82 timed kilometers and four special stages, those repeated twice of Osilo-Tergu - in the long version of 25.65 km - and Sedini-Castelsardo (13.26 km).

On Saturday, June 1st, the second leg, the longest one with 149.36 competitive kilometers, and 8 stages. Those in the morning are repeated twice in Tempio (12.03 km) and Tula (22.81 km). Then, after the Tyre Fitting Zone in Pattada in the middle of the day, the classic special stages of Monte Acuto di Monte Lerno-Monti di Alà (25.17 km) and Coiluna-Loelle (14.67 km) will take place in the afternoon. Finally, on Sunday, June 2nd, the final leg with only 39.30 competitive kilometers, featuring the last two stages of Cala Flumini (12.55 km) and Sassari Argentiera (7.10 km), which will host the final power stage.